Steam Cleaners – Uses, Applications & Limitations

SJH GreenSteam offers the most extensive line of steam cleaners in the industry, are outstanding to clean, sanitize, and disinfect many surfaces. However, prospective users need to know the best and most appropriate applications for the technology, for their specific needs. We urge you to speak with an SJH Greensteam Associate Product Specialist if you have any questions regarding your applications or require product/technology clarification.

One of the essential facts to know about steam cleaners is the vapor is relatively dry, containing only about 5% water in the vapor. Therefore, applications requiring more force, pressure, and flow rate (rated in psi or pounds per square inch)) will call for technologies other than steam cleaners.

Steam cleaners require direct contact with a tool or towel to clean, and the lack of constant water flow with the steam makes them ineffective for industrial use other than to sanitize and disinfect surfaces.

Some people are under the misconception that is just aiming the steam at the surface without attaching a brush, towel, or another tool will clean the surface. WRONG! Steam cleaners are not pressure washers and do not have the cleaning power to move substances and clean stains by directly shooting dry steam at a surface. The technology is not designed to work that way.

For more information on vapor steam cleaners, contact an SJH GreenSteam associate today!

Vapor steam – for a healthier and cleaner tomorrow!